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AI Songifications: Longer Tracks and Melody Loss

 The music industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, as artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage and creates its own original compositions. Although this
When lengthy compositions lose their harmonious essence, AI Songification comes into play.
Extended Songs and Melodic Absence.

 The music industry is currently undergoing a significant transformation, as artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage and creates its own original compositions. Although this development is undoubtedly groundbreaking, an interesting pattern is emerging: AI songs appear to be increasing in length, but does this necessarily mean they are improving in quality?

The AI Songification

  The music industry is discussing the lack of melody in longer AI-generated songs. While longer songs may seem appealing, brevity and emotional impact are key in music. Classic pop hits are under four minutes, relying on catchy hooks and well-structured verses and choruses. Each section of a song contributes to the overall narrative and emotional connection. Prolonging a song without artistic purpose risks diluting its impact and losing listener interest. Adding more music without intention compromises the essence of the song, resulting in a less memorable experience.

Timeless pop songs

When Lengthy Compositions Lose Their Harmonious Essence.

   Initially, extending the duration of a musical piece may seem appealing, offering more music for the same price. However, upon closer examination, the true essence of music lies in its brevity and emotional resonance. Timeless pop songs, often under four minutes, are intentionally crafted by skilled musicians and songwriters. By condensing their artistic expression, they create a more impactful and memorable experience. These shorter songs captivate the audience from the start with catchy hooks that leave a lasting impression.

less is more

   However, AI may not have fully comprehended the concept of “less is more.” Its primary strength lies in its capacity to analyze extensive collections of music data, detect patterns, and replicate them. Consequently, this can result in prolonged sections that may feel repetitive or lack the emotional impact of a meticulously crafted bridge or a compelling final verse. For instance, you can explore Jukebox by OpenAI:, a prominent AI music generator. Although Jukebox is capable of producing impressive musical compositions, some of its creations exceed the seven-minute mark, a duration more suitable for a progressive rock masterpiece rather than a radio-friendly pop song.

Ever-lengthening sonic journeys

   This development prompts inquiries regarding the future of AI-generated music. Could AI eventually master the skill of brevity, or will we face an influx of increasingly lengthy musical compositions? The solution likely resides in a cooperative strategy. By working together, human producers and artists can harness the innovative capabilities of AI to produce concepts and sonic elements while concentrating on creating concise and impactful songs.

 Ultimately, music is all about establishing an emotional connection with the audience. Regardless of whether a track lasts for two minutes or ten, it must captivate the listener’s interest and make a lasting impact. As AI-generated music progresses, it is hoped that it will grasp the important principle of “keeping it short and sweet.”

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