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GTL Infrastructure Ltd: Empowering Connectivity For A Brighter Future

       GTL Infrastructure Ltd. (GTL Infra), a proud member of the Global Group, stands as India’s leading independent and neutral telecom tower company. Since its

       GTL Infrastructure Ltd. (GTL Infra), a proud member of the Global Group, stands as India’s leading independent and neutral telecom tower company. Since its inception in 2004, GTL Infra has been at the forefront of revolutionizing India’s telecommunications landscape, playing a pivotal role in enabling seamless connectivity across the country. With over 35 years of diverse experience in the corporate world, Rufina Fernandes has carved a remarkable path in the realm of strategic initiatives. From humble beginnings to leading industry-wide initiatives, Rufina’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for creating meaningful change. 

Rising Through the Ranks

  Rufina Fernandes ‘s career trajectory exemplifies the power of hard work and perseverance. Starting at an entry level, she climbed the corporate ladder by successfully managing a myriad of portfolios. From business process re-engineering to human resources, corporate communications, and corporate social responsibility, Rufina’s versatility and adaptability have been instrumental in her professional growth. Driven by a thirst for innovation and a penchant for starting from scratch, Rufina has never shied away from embarking on new ventures. Her tenure as the leader of NASSCOM Foundation (NF) in 2005 marked a significant milestone in her career, where she spearheaded initiatives to align the IT industry with social objectives. This experience fueled her passion for driving industry-wide impact through strategic initiatives. Beyond her remarkable stint at NF, Rufina’s quest for new challenges led her to explore various industry verticals, including animation, education services, and the staffing industry. Her ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments underscores her agility and resilience as a leader.

A Legacy of Consistent Performance

Rufina Fernandes’s journey is a testament to the power of consistent performance and seizing opportunities. Throughout her illustrious career spanning over 35 years, Rufina has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and a remarkable ability to capitalize on opportunities that come her way. From her humble beginnings at an entry-level position, Rufina has steadily climbed the ranks by consistently delivering results in diverse areas of business. Whether it was managing portfolios in business process re-engineering, human resources, corporate communications, or corporate social responsibility, Rufina has left an indelible mark wherever she has ventured. What sets Rufina apart is her innate ability to create something new and deliver on ambitious goals, even when starting from scratch. Her entrepreneurial spirit and determination have propelled her to take on challenges head-on, driving her to achieve success in every endeavor. 

Pioneering Shared Network Infrastructure 

    GTL Infrastructure Ltd. (GTL Infra),  Founded by visionary entrepreneur Manoj G Tirodkar, GTL Infra was the first company in India to venture into the shared network infrastructure space. Its pioneering spirit was further showcased when it became the first company in this sector to be listed on the stock exchanges of India. With over 28,000 towers spread across 22 telecom circles in India, GTL Infra boasts an extensive portfolio of telecom infrastructure. GTL Infra’s vast network of towers serves as the backbone for mobile operators, enabling them to offer 2G, 3G, and state-of-the-art 4G services affordably and seamlessly across the nation. By facilitating connectivity in even the most remote areas, GTL Infra is actively contributing to the realization of the government’s vision of “Digital India.” 

Investing in Human Capital

  Recognizing that its employees are its greatest asset, GTL Infra has prioritized nurturing and empowering its workforce. From the outset, the company has assembled a highly experienced executive team, fostering a work culture that values performance and innovation. As an equal-opportunity employer, GTL Infra provides a conducive work environment where employees are encouraged to excel and grow. Regular learning and development opportunities are provided to enhance employees’ skills, and meritorious performance is duly recognized and rewarded. Beyond its business objectives, GTL Infra remains committed to making a positive impact on society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Through the Global Foundation, a public charitable trust of the Global Group, GTL Infra actively supports various social causes and community development projects. The company encourages employee voluntarism and actively engages in CSR activities to uplift communities and create a sustainable future.

Looking for the Future

   As India’s leading telecom tower company, GTL Infrastructure Ltd. continues to play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide and empowering millions with access to connectivity. With its relentless focus on innovation, human capital development, and corporate social responsibility, GTL Infra exemplifies excellence and leadership in the telecommunications industry, driving positive change and enriching lives across the nation. As Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at GTL Infrastructure Ltd., Rufina Fernandes continues to lead the charge in driving impactful initiatives that shape the future of the corporate landscape. With her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, Rufina is a true trailblazer, inspiring others to embrace challenges, seize opportunities, and make a lasting impact in their respective fields. Even after her tenure at NF, Rufina continued to explore new avenues and industries, including animation, education services, and the staffing industry. In each role, she brought her characteristic dedication and passion, consistently delivering results and making a positive impact. For Rufina, luck is not merely a matter of chance—it’s about consistently performing at the highest level and being prepared to seize opportunities as they arise. Her legacy of consistent performance serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals, showcasing the importance of dedication, perseverance, and seizing opportunities to achieve success in any field.

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